We could talk about passion and great deli’s all day, but the best way to know Mati’s is to eat here. So take a look at our menu, come in and taste it for yourself.

Bringing people together. That’s what deli food does best. So whether it’s an intimate gathering or a party for the whole neighborhood, check out our catering menu to bring the distinctive flavors of a Mati’s meal to your next event. Click on the image below for full pdf printable menu.

Party Trays
PATRY SUB* Three feet of fresh baked bread, piled high with turkey, honey ham and gourmet hard salami. Fresh lettuce, ripe

tomatoes and onions, two cheeses (american and swiss) and Italian dessing on the side…$59.95/ $15.00 each

additional foot

DELI TRAY* Our Deli Trays look great and taste even better. Kosher-style corned beef cooked to juicy tendernes. Choice roast beef

roasted to medium rare. Oven roasted turkey breast. Honest to goodness hickory smoked honey cured ham and hard salami. All of

this creatively arranged on a platter along with kosher dills, kalamata olives, pepperoncini, fresh tomato slices and

garnished with fresh fruit. INCLUDES: Kosher Rye, condiments, napkins, plates and utensil. COMPLETE…$10.25

per person

DELUXE TRAY* A Deluxe Tray includes all of the above along with a selection of imported and domestic cheeses, potato salad and cole

slaw…$11.99 per person

RELISH TRAY* FRESH IS THE WORD! Broccoli and cauliflower buds, carrot sticks, radishes, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and celery sticks

served with ranch or creamy garlic dip…$4.99 per person

CHEESE TRAY* Say Cheese! An assortment of imported and domestic cheeses including American, Swiss, Muenster, Cheddar and Hot

Pepper. Delightfully arranged with an assortment of crackers and Ranch dressing for dipping…$6.99 per


DESSERT TRAY Desserts like no other. New York cheesecake, assorted Danish, Lou’s cream cheese and chocolate brownies serves


SANDWICH TRAY An assortment of our delicious deli, lite or low sodium sandwich. Arranged on a tray with a variety of breads. Included

are lettuce, tomato, and imported and domestic cheeses. No extra charge plates, napkins, plastic ware and

condiments…$11.99 per person Potato salad, cole slaw, or pasta salad…$2.99 per person

LARGE JULIENNE SALAD Fresh iceberg lettuce, tomato, red onion, julienne of honey ham, turkey breast, swiss cheese and hard boiled egg… $6.49 per person

LARGE GREEK SALAD Feta cheese, Greek olives, tomato, beets, red onion and pepperoncini over iceberg lettuce…$6.49 per


LARGE TOSSED SALAD Fresh iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, tomato and red onion…$5.99 per person

BAG LUNCH* STANDARD – Choose one of our delicious deli, lite or low sodium/low cholesterol sandwiches on your

choice of fresh baked bread. Mustard and mayo on the side. Included is one of our famous cream cheese brownies and a bag of

plain or BBQ chips…$13.99 DELUXE – choose one of our delicious deli, lite or low sodium/low cholesterol sandwiches on your choice of

fresh baked bread. Crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes and one of our Imported or Domestic cheeses. Mustard and mayo on the side.

Included is a side of potato salad, cole slaw, or pasta salad and one of our famous cream cheese


Party Trays – Fresh Salads



Chicken Salad…$11.99/lb.

Egg Salad…$7.75/lb.

Pasta Salad…$6.29/lb.

Fruit Salad…(seasonal)

Potato Salad…$4.99/lb.

Cole Slaw…$4.99/lb.

Seafood Salad…$9.99/lb.

Party Trays – Choice Deli Meats




Roast Beef (rare)$12.99/lb.

Turkey Breast…$9.99/lb.

Chicken Breast…$8.99/lb.


Beef Salami (soft)


Imported Salami (hard)



Roast Brisket of Beef…$18.75/lb.

Party Trays – Cheeses



Mild Cheddar…$6.99/lb.


Party Trays – X-tras
Double Baked Rye



Old Dill Pickles…qt. $4.50

Chili…qt. $9.99

Soup of the day…qt. $9.49

Party Trays – Desserts



Carrot Cake…$4200

Cream Cheese Brownies… doz. $24.00



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